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Unveiling the Kairali Seafoods Process

01. Sourcing Excellence

We begin by securing high-quality fish straight from the boat through auctions, ensuring a direct and fresh supply.

02. Temperature-Controlled Transit

Maintaining the utmost freshness, our insulated vehicles uphold a cold chain as we swiftly transport the harvest to our state-of-the-art processing section.

03. Versatility in Processing

From whole fish to meticulously cleaned varieties (pre-processed), our skilled artisans prepare a diverse range of products to cater to every palate.

04. Cutting-Edge Freezing Technology

Our commitment to freshness is fortified with advanced freezing methods – be it blast freezer, tunnel freezer, or plate freezer – ensuring a core temperature of -45 degrees Celsius.

5. Precision at Every Stage

Washing, grading, sorting, and weighing precede the tray-filling process, all executed with precision to maintain the quality of our seafood.

6. Secure Packaging Layers

Products are carefully packed in food-grade polythene bags, followed by secondary packaging in corrugated paper cartons and master cartons, guaranteeing optimal protection.

7. Cold Storage Sanctuary

Stored at a chilly -18 degrees Celsius in our cold store, our products await shipment, preserving their freshness until they reach your doorstep.

8. Rigorous Quality Testing

Stringent tests at government-approved labs cover microbiology, heavy metals, antibiotics, and organoleptic inspections at various stages, ensuring only the highest quality products reach our customers.

9. HACCP Certified Excellence

Our processing factory operates under the HACCP quality control system, upholding the highest standards of safety and quality.

10. Global Recognition

With approvals from the European Union, China, and beyond, our processing facility meets international standards, showcasing our commitment to excellence on a global scale.

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