From Ocean to Your Plate: Unveiling the Kairali Seafoods Process

At Kairali Seafoods, we bring the ocean’s finest to your table through a process that marries tradition with cutting-edge technology.


Cutting-Edge Freezing Technology

Our commitment to freshness is fortified with advanced freezing methods – be it blast freezer, tunnel freezer, or plate freezer – ensuring a core temperature of -45 degrees Celsius.

Rigorous Quality Testing

Stringent tests at government-approved labs cover microbiology, heavy metals, antibiotics, and organoleptic inspections at various stages, ensuring only the highest quality products reach our customers.

About Kairali seafoods

Established Legacy: Since 1977

Kairali Sea Foods has been a trusted name in the seafood industry, combining tradition with innovation.
Global Exporter: From high-value shrimps to an expanded product line, we export premium seafood to the USA, EU, Japan, Australia, China, Tunisia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

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Elevate Your Culinary Experience with Kairali Sea Foods!

Dive into a world of exceptional seafood sourced and crafted by Kairali Sea Foods, your trusted fish exporter since 1977. Explore our premium selection, meticulously processed for quality assurance.

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